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Ring & Compact Spinning Spares

Ring Section

We offer various types of Baloon Control Rings and sizes for Rieter, Zinser, Marzoli, Toyoda and Howa make Ring Frames subject to furnishing of Drawing to us.
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  • Spring steel with Hard Chrome/Electroless Nickel Plated in solid rod designed with strong Projection welding (spot welding ) as per OEM Specification.

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  1. Made from High quality steel and precision engineered to withstand heavy loads of modern drafting.
  2. We Offer. Front Middle & Back fluted roller in dia 25 mm , 27mm , 32 mm, Two way helix bottom rollers induction    hardened and chrome plated with 0.01mm eccentricity.
  3. Excellent profile of flute and large neck dia. to combine quality with sturdiness to handle high load
  4. Inspected for every staff length for trouble free performance.
  5. Our compact draft gearing units are suitable for every make of Ring frame and Speed frame.
  6. Helical gears supported on ball bearings ensure silent operation and minimum maintenance.

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Roller Stands & Slides

We offer wide range of roller stands for toyoda , howa & china ring frame.

These are manufactured with S.G. iron material to ensure the complete accuracy & enough warranty periods.
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Compact Spinning

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