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Heat Treatment

Metals and alloys may not possess all the desired properties in the finished product. Heat treatment is extensively used for controlling and improving material properties.In heat treatment, the micro structures of materials are modified. The resulting phase transformation influences mechanical properties like strength, ductility, toughness, hardness and wear resistance.Purpose of heat treatment is to increase service life of a product by increasing its strength of hardness, or prepare the material for improved manufacturability.


Heat Treatment & Surface Treatment Facilities

Our Company’s Heat Treatment Facili_es and Metallurgical labgovern the integrity of our Product. We have big heat Treatment inPakistan.Offering the following Services:Atmosphere Control Sealed


  • Atmosphere Control Sealed Quench Furnace (Germany)
  • Induction Hardening (Low, Medium, High Frequency)
  • Tempting Furnace¬†
  • Hard Chrome Plant


Induction Hardening

Atmosphere control sealed quench furnace


  • Tempering furnace

  • Induction hardening

  • Liquid nitriding

  • Quenching and tempering

  • Carburizing

Surface Treatment

  • Zinc platting
  • Maganese phosphating